Grant Armour is a London-based Producer / Director specialising in documentaries for television and online, branded films, commercials and music videos.

A video production professional with a proven track record of making engaging content and entertainment as part of VICE Media’s award winning team. Grant has expertise in multiple areas of video production, including producing, directing, camera operating, video editing, music composition, sound design as well as edit producing and supervising productions. He has experience in every stage of the storytelling process – from initial research, to casting characters and gaining access, constructing the narrative, creating the visual language, producing the edit and even composing the score.

His editorial documentaries focus on telling powerful character driven human-interest stories from the perspective of original and marginalised voices such as the award-winning Ballet & Bullets: Dancing Out of the Favela, Xanxiety: Teenage Fake Xanax Epidemic, Acid Attacks, Undercover Migrant with Ben Judah, Make The World Greta Again profiling climate activist and Nobel Prize Nominee, Greta Thunberg.

Grant Armour has produced, directed and shot internationally for television and online, filming stories about drug cultures, mental health, boy racers, young offenders, violent criminals, professional gamers, ancient rituals, wild animal welfare, space tourism, climate activists, homelessness, has worked on the Emmy-nominated series, Gaycation starring Ellen Page and the theatrically released feature doc, Chemsex.

His commercial work covers brands such as, Red Bull, Nandos, Kayak, Phillips, Warp, more recently an advert for Old Blue Last Beer featuring actor Alan Ford and a promo documentary for Universal Music Group for the release of Brian Eno’s Apollo album.

Applied Minds, Channel 4, Diesel, Greco-Roman, Gucci, Island Records, Kayak, Mac Cosmetics, Marshall, Motherboard, Nandos, Noisey, Palladium, Philips, Quality Control Music, Red Bull, Riot Games, Totem, Universal Music Group, VICE, Warp

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