Grant Armour is a London-based Director / Producer specialising in documentaries for online & television, branded films and music videos.

His work as both a director and a producer of editorial documentaries focuses on telling powerful character driven human-interest stories from the perspective of marginalised voices, such as: Xanxiety: Teenage Fake Xanax Epidemic, Acid Attacks, Fetish Fight Club & Undercover Migrant.

He has directed, produced and shot internationally for online and TV - filming stories on boy racers, young offenders, violent criminals, drug addiction, mental health, sex work, illegal raves, professional gamers, wild animals, space tourism, and worked on the Emmy-nominated series Gaycation.

Applied Minds, Channel 4, Diesel, Greco-Roman, Gucci, Island Records, Kayak, Mac Cosmetics, Marshall, Motherboard, Nandos, Noisey, Palladium, Philips, Quality Control Music, Red Bull, Riot Games, Totem, VICE, Warp