Hex Ultra - Serpent Bearer
Director / D.O.P / Editor

Music written and performed by HEX ULTRA.

PORTATORE DI SERPENTI / SERPENT BEARER: Astrologist, Eli gets a tattoo on her ankle of a Victorian hand holding a snake, eating its own tail. Through her astrological research, she later finds out NASA remapped the stars and her birth date falls within the thirteenth star sign, Ophiuchus - The Serpent Bearer. Confused by her new identity, Eli delves into the history of Pocahontas. At the time Pocahontas was born, people had secret names that only a select few knew and they changed them on important occasions. She was called Rebecca when she died in Kent. One night while trying to contact Pocahontas from beyond the grave through her iPhone, Eli notices a familiar but malign presence following her in the car park of her apartment block. As a demonic virus takes over her iPhone, Eli is chased through an under populated city by a monstrous soul eating avatar as it attempts to absorb her identity forever.